Safe & Fun Brick Nights

First of all, what is a brick?

Brick sessions are combinations of swim, bike and run components, done in a continuous fashion. It is intended to help triathletes with the demands of going from a swim to a bike and a bike to a run. As such, transition practice becomes a key aspect of brick training.

Tuesday night brick sessions held in Burnside will usually consist of single or multiple bike-to-run transitions over appropriate distances. HTC will also have swim-run bricks once the lakes open.

Why do bricks?

Open-water sighting and drafting; use of wetsuits and quick transition out of them; finding your bike, arranging your gear so that you can easily get into it, having a towel handy to wipe the sand from between your toes before putting on your bike shoes, hopping on the bike whilst still wet and getting used to it; feeling the lack of power in your legs in the first 5 or 10 minutes on the bike; getting used to that jelly-legged feeling on the run - all these aspects are practiced during brick sessions and it is this practice that will ensure you are sharp at these skills come race day!

So, what do I bring to brick night?

First and foremost, yourself !!! The workouts are planned with everyone in mind, from the newbies to the ironman. Check to see what is planned so bring your bike, helmet, water bottle with whatever liquid (legal) you drink while riding, whatever you need for running (hat, shoes,etc.) and a warm layer to cover up after the session. We usually hang around for a chat afterwards and there are always treats for everyone.

As the bricks get more involved, we will remind you of other things you may want to bring along.