What to Wear in the Cold

So, if you haven't noticed, it is getting cold out there but the training must go on!! Winter provides us with lots of opportunities to stay fit and ready for spring.

It's so easy to say that it's too cold, but with the proper gear, any weather is training weather. If we take the time to prepare right, there is no reason we won't stay warm during our workouts.

We may have to limit activities that include a lot of stop-and-go activities and look at continuous movement activities. X-country skiing is far better than the stop-and-go of skiing for 2 minutes down Martock followed by 15 minutes of waiting in line to go the hill again.

The key to any outdoor activity is in choosing the right clothing. It is the best defence against heat loss and so make sure you choose clothing appropriate to the workout you plan to do. I have found that I often overdress because I don't take into account I will warm up within a few minutes of the activity. Over the years, I have been surprised as to how little I need when going out for a winter run. Remember the more you move, the less the layers.

Yes, wear layers. Multiple clothing layers provide a good air-insulating zone between the skin and the cold air and allow greater control over the degree of insulation than a single thick layer. Plus I find it more comfortable and it also allows me to remove a layer if I overdressed.

These are good guidelines for cold-weather sports:

  1. Make sure you first layer is made of wicking materials such as polyester, polypropylene, silk or wool;
  2. Follow with multiple thin layers that are snug fitting, we don't want the cold air to reach us!;
  3. Wear a hat since this is where we lose most of our heat through the head;
  4. Make sure your sock and glove liners are also synthetic to ensure wicking of moisture. I personally find that mitts are much warmer than gloves; and
  5. Pack up a few chemical heat packs in the event you need back-up.

Our motto is: No bad weather, just bad gear!!! Get out there and find out for yourself!!