Rest-Up for Better Performance

As many of you plan for next year's season, putting together the things you need to do for a successful season, it also important to plan in the things where you don't do anything, in other words, rest and recover.

Each period of training Macrocycle (yearly) Mesocycle (monthly), Microcycle (weekly) and workout need their respective periods of rest. For instance you macrocycle should include a period of "off season", your mesocycle should have a rest week and your microcycle should have a day off. So is the importance of resting during your workout for better performance.

For a simple example of resting during your workout, let’s look at our swim practice. Almost all of our swim workouts are built on interval training, a stress and rest philosophy. For the best workout, it’s better to push yourself for periods of time but keep in mind you also need to recover from the effort. To keep pushing without the rest means your performance and perhaps your health will be compromised. If it means dropping a length or moving down a lane to get the right combination, it matters little this time of year because in time your body will adapt to the new level of fitness if you allow the recovery within the set.

Keeping the above in mind, it’s easy to see how we build on this principle to make sure we have a rest and recovery period through the plan. Avoiding over-training and burnout this time of year is essential to better performance next race season.

Have fun out there !