We are always pleased to welcome new members at any time. It is good to get newbies who remind us "oldies"‚of what triathlon is all about - fun and friendship, and of course, as you will soon catch on, "about the food".

Every time I speak to someone who is just starting, I am reminded of how excited I was at the thought of completing my first triathlon. It was a scary, but also a fun time, and I remember how much the then oldies made me feel welcome. Have fun, ask lots of questions, and meet others who share in the passion of triathlon.

Try us out and don't worry if you don't have top of the line gear. A pair of sneakers, a bike with two wheels (haven't seen a unicycle triathlete yet and, no, tricyles and training wheels are not allowed) and swim suit is all you need to get started. Some of us think good gear will make us faster but as the years roll by, I am coming to the realization that it is legs and arms that pretty much decide how fast you can go!!! But, yes, tri toys are often on triathletes' Xmas and birthday lists.

If you are interested but don't have a bike, or can't swim, or have a sore knee, join up with a team and race your favorite section. The sport also offers aqua bike races for non-runners and duathlons for those who prefer to stay away from the water.

Swimming seems to be the sport that holds up everyone so we offer coached swim workouts during the fall, winter and spring. We have very few Mark Phelps in our club, most of us get from the start to the finish of the swim using whatever technique we have.

In addition to the website, weekly emails are sent to members so everyone can keep up with what's happening.

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